Our Philosophy

At Circle Square, we believe that looking good is a lot more about feeling good and that  beauty is a part of every person. We are here to help people feel comfortable with their own selves, starting with their hair and skin.

How we think about beauty and what we consider beautiful is undergoing a radical digital age revolution. We have access to more diverse and inspiring images of self-expression than ever before. It’s less important than it ever has been for every person to conform to one version of looking good. That’s why our approach to beauty is different. We don’t want to encourage people to look like models, we want our clients, our friends, and everyone else to pursue looking like whatever they want to look like.

Our clients know a lot about their own hair and skin and our stylists are here to listen and to make suggestions when necessary, but ultimately, it’s up to the person in the chair to decide if things feel right.


Our Values


Circle Square is a space where everyone has a voice. We will never decide for you, but listen carefully to your needs and expectations and help guide you through sharing our knowledge and expertise.



Hair matters. Wellness matters. It changes people and has the power to make things immeasurably better or worse for the people that come through our doors. Though our personalities may be laid back, we take this responsibility very seriously.



We strive to empower our clients and each other through knowledge at Circle Square. We always work to extend your benefits far beyond a visit by equipping you with tools and recommendations to incorporate results into your everyday life. The more we know and the more our clients know, the more we can achieve together.


Circle Square is a place of welcoming and we want you to come as you are. From a place of humility and respect, we aim to redefine “looking great” to mean what makes each individual feel their best, even if our clients’ opinions and tastes differ from our own.



The world is full of instructions about how to look good. We want to help our clients stop listening to the noise and start deciding for themselves.



The world is a beautiful place, fashion is fun, and life is fascinating: these things inform our ideas and our creative process.



We believe in hair and body wellness as a holistic expression: harmony between lifestyle and expectations. The Circle Square experience is not about excess or opulence but rather embraces the purity and simplicity of wellness and essential care that will restore your natural equilibrium.