Winter Looks: Freja's Black-On-Black

Winter is almost over... almost. There's still enough left to be justifiably grumpy. Let the world know you're angsty about it by channelling Freja's very cool, but also very apathetic black-on-black punk-chic look.

Danish model Freja Beha Erichsen is the epitome of cool. From her androgynous looks and figure to her shaggy hairstyle and cool tattoos, she’s possibly the last living incarnation of rock and roll.

An important element of Freja’s chic is her usage of neutrals (read: black-on-black). Freja doesn’t even MATCH her blacks. Her black tshirts look like they have been washed on the wrong cycle and sometimes even hint at wrinkliness, and it only amplifies the effectiveness of her grunge.

The moto-jacket moto-boot etc. trend was basically a homage to Freja, whose deerlegged boyish frame is ideal for “chunky” garments like big boots and a big jacket; loose, oversized tops and muscle t-shirts with skin-tight leggings.