Olivia chose two heavily-contrasting ladies as her style icons, but they definitely make sense when compared against her juxtaposition of rock-and-roll edginess and doe-eyed forever 21 cutesiness.

Zooey Deschanel.

I love her vintage-inspired cute quirkiness! She’s a funny girl and she dresses with both style and her sense of humor.  Her nautical-themed little girl look frequently features bows, big buttons, peter pan collars, belts, dark-colored tights, and headbands. She looks quite at home in a-lines and babydoll dresses.

She’s the kind of girl that you can easily imagine riding a bike with a dainty basket on the front, probably filled with flowers or baked goods or something from the farmer’s market.

Her hair always looks soft and luscious, and her face was made for bangs.

Kat Von D.

I’m girly at heart, but there’s also an edgy side of me! Kat Von D is my edgier icon. She always looks effortless and grungy. She typically wears something ripped up or destroyed with super tall heels and an ever-present bikini top. She wears a lot of bold accessories: necklaces, gauges, and bangles. Her hair is usually messy: she’ll wear it in a loose messy bun and it will still look purposeful and pleasantly textured. She’s got kind of a dark look that can seem weird to people, but she’s a very interesting person and has a cool outlook on life and work. The esteem she holds for her clients inspires my work-style.