Style Icons: Megan

Music is a great a source of inspiration for me.  I love musicians because they really aren’t afraid to take risks, and bring a sense of showmanship to everything they do… including how they dress!  I chose St. Vincent as my style icon because I love  her minimalistic and edgy styling, as well as her bold hair and makeup choices.

Annie Clark is classically beautiful, but she isn’t afraid to test that beauty with unconventional looks.  I love her big hair and bright blue eyeshadow!

She really exhibits a soft coolness, and she’s stylish and on point, without trying too hard.

  My second style icon is Mia Farrow.  She is another natural beauty that made being gorgeous seem effortless.

Pixie cut and freckles.  Feminine and understated.


Mia would be just as cool today as she was forty some years ago.