Hair Trend: Unwashed

Dirty hair at Thakoon

It’s only been 2014 for a little over two weeks, but there are some trends that, because we have kept an eye on their momentum over the past few months, we can be absolutely sure are sticking around and maybe even moving further into the limelight for 2014.

Mary Kate Olsen, Queen of the slouch, pioneer of dirty hair movement

The slouchier styles that have been becoming increasingly important in fall/winter 2013/4 (i.e. cuddly cardigans, drop-crotch harems/joggers/jumpsuits/everything, sweatshirts, and drop-waisted lazy babydoll dresses) have led hair down a similarly grungy path. Dirty hair is the way to go, in a way that it hasn’t really been since the seventies.

Keeping pastel hair dirty moves it from the unicorn category into the rogue cyberpunk category

Peter Som

Besides boosting your slouch to the next level, dirty hair is a lot easier. And not just because you don’t have to wash it (even though that is a cool advantage). The natural oils that your scalp produces can help your hair be a lot more style-able, providing some natural separation and making your hair more suggestable.

Arrojo ReFINISH Dry Shampoo (available at Circle Square)

For the yucky things that your natural hair oils will do (i.e. flatness + “greasiness”), there is always dry shampoo. A few sprays of a dry shampoo like Arrojo ReFINISH Dry Shampoo at your root area when your hair starts feeling TOO dirty will boost your root, solving the flatness issue, and mattify the unappealing shiny greasiness. Arrojo’s ReFINISH also starches up your hair in a way that intensifies the gathering, separating quality of dirty hair.

Healthy Hair Look Award: a low pony eases breakage-causing tension on your hair, and avoiding shampooing can help ease damage by keeping the hair lubricated with its own natural oils.

Once you have the grease under control, try pulling your hair into a ponytail or making a crown of milkmaid braids, both looks that complement dirty hair well. (Putting your hair up with dirty hair is easier in a way because clean hair has the tendency to jump right out of a braid.) Some flat iron curls or your own natural wave with a sea salt spray can also bring your look to perfection in a surf-ier kind of beachy way.

You can intensify the effect of slouch hair with color looks like baliage that reveal some dark roots, which together make a supercool kind of can’t-be-bothered-chic statement.