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The Best Beachy Waves

Loose, beachy waves are still the go-to hairstyle for Spring and Summer!

Every lady wants to find the perfect, low-maintenance hairstyle...especially for those hot summer days when you want to spend more time outside, and less time in the mirror. Below you can read the perfect recipe for beachy waves.


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ARROJO Wave Mist (Sea Salt Spray)

Micro Fiber Towel

Blow-dryer (if you like to diffuse your hair)


Flat Iron (if you want a slightly more wave) // Curling Iron/Wand (if you want more of a defined curl)



1. Spray Sea Salt Spray on damp/towel dried hair

2. Flip head upside down and twist with your fingers

3. Scrunch with a microfiber towel to dry ends a little more

4. Let air dry

Optional: (As pictured in photo 3 above) For a slightly more wave, after hair is dry, touch up waves with a Flat Iron // (As pictured in photo 4 above) For a more defined curl, after hair is dry, touch up curls with a Curling Iron/Wand


Now you are ready to jump into Spring and Summer with this easy, trendy hair style! Give It a Try and if you feel so inclined,  post your Before and After photos in the comments below!

Happy Styling :) 




Winter Hair Tips

Winter: Doesn’t mean bad hair!

As temperatures continue to plummet, most of us do not know what to do with our hair. We automatically assume that the frigid cold makes for a bad hair day. It is natural to throw on a hat, and feel miserable because your hair is flat all day…and not to mention full of static. Well fret no longer! Here are a few winter hair tips to keep your head warm without sacrificing a good hair day!     Cozy Knit Turban – A knit turban is cozy enough to keep your ears and head warm, but is stylish and won’t dent or add static to your hair. Knit turbans can be dressed up or down…depending on the rest of your outfit!


Stylish Earmuffs – These don’t have to be oversized and animal print (unless you want that)! Earmuffs are definitely making a comeback and they keep your ears warm, without messing up your hair! This is a great grab-and-go option for someone on the run!

Braid + Beanie – This combo is genius. The beanie keeps your head warm, and when you take it off, the braid is still intact and still looks great because it doesn’t matter if it gets flat. Expert Tip: wear a side-braid to add personality to your look! It looks awesome peeking out from under a hat.

Change up your Part – Want to prevent flat hair? Try parting your hair on the opposite side before putting on your hat/earmuffs. When you take your hat off, flip your hair and it will be full of body.

Always carry Dry Shampoo – This will be your go-to during the winter (or summer) months! It will help reduce any static and will freshen up your look by adding a little volume. Expert Tip: Try Arrojo’s travel size for your purse or car to freshen up on the go!

Arrojo Wave Mist

There’s a new Arrojo product that you may have noticed on our shelves-- Arrojo Wave Mist is here, on the bottom shelf of our product display in uber-cool flashy, psychedelic packaging.

Wave mist is Arrojo’s answer to sea salt spray; it’s a matte texturizing spray that can be misted onto damp hair and air dried or diffused in to create a tousled, beachy look. Talking about sea salt and the beach is evocative of summertime, definitely, but sea salt spray can provide grungy texture + separation that is timely year round. People with straighter hair textures can use sea salt spray blowdried-in to provide some grit, allowing for extra volume, definition and hold on hair that’s normally slippery. People with wavy texture can use it to enhance their wave and add some definition, volume, and depth. Sea salt spray can also temporarily negate some of the greasy effects of an overly oily scalp.

My blonde is by Jaye Edwards @_edwardsandco

Ask your stylist how you can use sea salt spray!