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Introducing Artist Carl Patow


Circle Square Salon presents new digital video works created by local artist Carl Patow. The four videos, playing continuously, and one digital collage, reflect the languid pace, sultry heat and stirring excitement of summer in Richmond. Carl's digital video works have been exhibited on both US coasts, as well as online. He is a student at VCU in kinetic imaging, a nearby resident of the Museum District, and a long-time patron of Circle Square Salon. We are so excited to present his mastery of art to you all.


Please join us for an Art Opening Wednesday, July 13th from 7:00-9:00pm! There will be snacks and drinks provided...and you will get to meet the artist himself as well as discuss his fascinating artwork display. We hope to see you all there!

Introducing Eufora

We’ve recently introduced a new line of products into our retail and backbar repertoire that we’re extremely excited about, and we’d like to invite everybody to help us celebrate and welcome Eufora to Circle Square Salon. It was a really hard decision, but one that was very important for us. We’ve spent the last year thinking very hard about good, quality products that are healthy for our clients and good for our earth, and we’ve been constantly trying out candidates. There are millions upon millions of really solid brands putting out useful and unique products, and it’s our job as hairdressers to use our expertise to navigate the product realm and pick a line that we can put our professional stamp of approval on. We’ve learned a lot about some really great companies, but we’ve pulled through the experience with 100% confidence that Eufora is the best fit for our space and for the Circle Square client.

There are a lot of things that are unique to Eufora. One of the notable qualities of the brand is the absence of water in its products. Water is generally up at the top of the ingredients list in hair products, since it’s a universal solvent and a convenient substance for all the active ingredients to kind of float around in until they’re ready to be delivered to your hair. In its stead, Eufora has cleverly supplemented organic, cold-pressed, pharmaceutical grade aloe vera gel. Aloe is great for your skin, your scalp, and your hair, it’s naturally antiviral, antibacterial, and antifungal, and it acts as a natural preservative, allowing Eufora to pass on the chemical preservatives found in most lines. It’s ingredient ingenuity like this that makes a line worth carrying in our salon. Eufora products are divided into different lines-- called “promises”-- that help solve different problems in your hair. The “promises” are Nourish, hydrating products, Curl’n’, which enhance natural curl and encourage body, Volume, which plumps the hair up, Thickening, which helps encourage hair follicles in thinning haired people to stay active, and Smooth’n’, which smooths frizz. All the different lines are color-coded, so it’s really easy to pick out the product right for you.

Stop by and check Eufora out! There's a lot of literature available in the salon about the different Promises and what they can do for your hair, as well as your helpful stylist on hand to recommend and advise.

Summer 2014 Photo Shoot

We received the photos from our photo shoot last Sunday, orchestrated by the beautiful and talented Merry, and couldn't be more proud of the results. Thank you so much to everyone for participating in this lookbook with us! We can't wait for more exciting opportunities to show off our skills in the future.

Remy from our Summer 2014 photo shoot, getting her makeup and hair touched up one last time
Remy from our Summer 2014 photo shoot, getting her makeup and hair touched up one last time

More sneak peeks and behind-the-scenes pictures can be found here.

Merry prepares Sue for her moment in the spotlight
Merry prepares Sue for her moment in the spotlight

Brazilian Blowout Split End Repair

The legendary Brazilian Blowout has added yet another revolutionary new product to their already impressive hair treatment repertoire: Split End Repair.

This quick treatment works by creating a net of keratin that wraps around the frayed ends of split, damaged, or overprocessed hair and kind of glues the fibers together, keeping them sealed and healthy looking for about four weeks.

This treatment is perfect for people with over processed hair that they don't want to chop off just yet, for people with extremely long hair with some breakage, or for people with dry ends due to the aggressively bleached ends due to ombre.

Book this treatment today with your next haircut!