5 Holiday and Bridal Updos for Fall

Whether you're going to a special event or haven't come across the perfect bridal updo for your big day yet, looking at as many images of upstyles as is humanly possible is the only surefire way to figure out just what you want. So here are some for fall!

I absolutely adore this twist embellished with oversized pearls. The unusual proportion of the pearls adds some fun to an otherwise beautiful and elegant look, and emphasizes dainty features. (Notice how beautiful her highlights look in this updo! Consider getting some highlights before your special day to add some extra dimension into your style.)

A sleek side bun is an extremely versatile and popular look that can be worn with or without a part, oversized or proportional, and with or without texture.

Middle parts are still super chic, and a great way to elevate your look into the realm of couture.

The flower petal embellishments in this super textured updo give it a whimsical, fairylike feel.

And, of course, it wouldn't be an updo post in 2014 without a generous helping of braids. This updo piles braids on braids on braids, giving it really interesting dimension (again with the highlights enhancing the dimension!!)