Arrojo Wave Mist

There’s a new Arrojo product that you may have noticed on our shelves-- Arrojo Wave Mist is here, on the bottom shelf of our product display in uber-cool flashy, psychedelic packaging.

Wave mist is Arrojo’s answer to sea salt spray; it’s a matte texturizing spray that can be misted onto damp hair and air dried or diffused in to create a tousled, beachy look. Talking about sea salt and the beach is evocative of summertime, definitely, but sea salt spray can provide grungy texture + separation that is timely year round. People with straighter hair textures can use sea salt spray blowdried-in to provide some grit, allowing for extra volume, definition and hold on hair that’s normally slippery. People with wavy texture can use it to enhance their wave and add some definition, volume, and depth. Sea salt spray can also temporarily negate some of the greasy effects of an overly oily scalp.

My blonde is by Jaye Edwards @_edwardsandco

Ask your stylist how you can use sea salt spray!