Introducing Artist Carl Patow


Circle Square Salon presents new digital video works created by local artist Carl Patow. The four videos, playing continuously, and one digital collage, reflect the languid pace, sultry heat and stirring excitement of summer in Richmond. Carl's digital video works have been exhibited on both US coasts, as well as online. He is a student at VCU in kinetic imaging, a nearby resident of the Museum District, and a long-time patron of Circle Square Salon. We are so excited to present his mastery of art to you all.


Please join us for an Art Opening Wednesday, July 13th from 7:00-9:00pm! There will be snacks and drinks provided...and you will get to meet the artist himself as well as discuss his fascinating artwork display. We hope to see you all there!

The Best Beachy Waves

Loose, beachy waves are still the go-to hairstyle for Spring and Summer!

Every lady wants to find the perfect, low-maintenance hairstyle...especially for those hot summer days when you want to spend more time outside, and less time in the mirror. Below you can read the perfect recipe for beachy waves.


TIP:  Try Arrojo's Wave Mist to help you achieve an effortlessly tousled look. Stop by and mention this blog post to receive 20% OFF of yours today! (Offer ends 4/30/16)





ARROJO Wave Mist (Sea Salt Spray)

Micro Fiber Towel

Blow-dryer (if you like to diffuse your hair)


Flat Iron (if you want a slightly more wave) // Curling Iron/Wand (if you want more of a defined curl)



1. Spray Sea Salt Spray on damp/towel dried hair

2. Flip head upside down and twist with your fingers

3. Scrunch with a microfiber towel to dry ends a little more

4. Let air dry

Optional: (As pictured in photo 3 above) For a slightly more wave, after hair is dry, touch up waves with a Flat Iron // (As pictured in photo 4 above) For a more defined curl, after hair is dry, touch up curls with a Curling Iron/Wand


Now you are ready to jump into Spring and Summer with this easy, trendy hair style! Give It a Try and if you feel so inclined,  post your Before and After photos in the comments below!

Happy Styling :) 




*NEW* Full Body Waxing Services Available!

Meet Erykah!


Erykah Nicole is everything you could want in a waxing professional: efficient, experienced, and she’ll put you at ease. Erykah uses Cerapil hard wax for a quicker, less painful experience, and ends with Finipil, to soothe your skin and prevent ingrown hairs. Book your waxing appointment today...we are sure you are going to love her!


Waxing services and facials are done in a beautifully designed room full of natural sunlight and soothing tones of blues, greys, creams and soft greens. With spa music in the background, we hope you are able to relax and unwind after a long day of work.


IT'S HERE! Today is officially website launch day! We are proud to introduce you to our beautiful, brand new website.

We have worked closely on this project with a local design team, Campfire & Co., and we think the result is magnificent! A little over a year ago, we reached out to the Campfire & Co. team to assist us in updating our branding elements, and we loved their work so much we hired them to help us redesign our entire website.

For our branding elements, we wanted something that was minimalist, clean + modern, that still felt comfortable and welcoming. Here is the result:

Once we had our branding elements in place, we couldn't wait to get started on our new website. From the moment we met the creative team at Campfire + Co, we felt at ease with this daunting process. Their laid-back personalities and expertise helped us create something so amazing! We are SO thrilled to share our finished site with you today!

For those of you who may not remember our old is a reminder of what it USED to look like :)

Out with the with the new and SUPER IMPROVED!

Out with the with the new and SUPER IMPROVED!

To celebrate the launch of our brand new website and show our appreciation for your support we are doing 3 AH-MAZING giveaways! 

  1. FREE Haircuts for 1 Year (THAT's right! We will take care of your haircuts for the next year!)
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Thank you so much for being a part of this super exciting chapter with us! We are so appreciative of your ongoing support and we wish you all the best of luck in our exciting giveaway! Also, don't forget to check back regularly for style and hair inspiration, product reviews, men's style, and many more about the different services we offer. 

The Circle Square Team!


Winter Hair Tips

Winter: Doesn’t mean bad hair!

As temperatures continue to plummet, most of us do not know what to do with our hair. We automatically assume that the frigid cold makes for a bad hair day. It is natural to throw on a hat, and feel miserable because your hair is flat all day…and not to mention full of static. Well fret no longer! Here are a few winter hair tips to keep your head warm without sacrificing a good hair day!     Cozy Knit Turban – A knit turban is cozy enough to keep your ears and head warm, but is stylish and won’t dent or add static to your hair. Knit turbans can be dressed up or down…depending on the rest of your outfit!


Stylish Earmuffs – These don’t have to be oversized and animal print (unless you want that)! Earmuffs are definitely making a comeback and they keep your ears warm, without messing up your hair! This is a great grab-and-go option for someone on the run!

Braid + Beanie – This combo is genius. The beanie keeps your head warm, and when you take it off, the braid is still intact and still looks great because it doesn’t matter if it gets flat. Expert Tip: wear a side-braid to add personality to your look! It looks awesome peeking out from under a hat.

Change up your Part – Want to prevent flat hair? Try parting your hair on the opposite side before putting on your hat/earmuffs. When you take your hat off, flip your hair and it will be full of body.

Always carry Dry Shampoo – This will be your go-to during the winter (or summer) months! It will help reduce any static and will freshen up your look by adding a little volume. Expert Tip: Try Arrojo’s travel size for your purse or car to freshen up on the go!

Winter Skincare Must-Haves

Experiencing dry/tight skin this winter? Here is some excellent advice from our mega talented Esthetician. Check out her Winter Must-Haves for your skin! "With winter’s frigid temperatures and harsh winds, the skin tends to get excessively dry and tight feeling. Moisturizing is a key part of a skin care routine and it's especially important in the winter months. When your skin’s oil production is in balance with your moisturizer, it not only hydrates but it also acts as a protective barrier against environmental damages. Before applying a moisturizer, make sure to cleanse the skin both morning and night with a cleanser appropriate for your skin type. Using products with an SPF is also extremely important in the colder months to avoid harmful UV rays. Be sure to always protect your lips from the cold temperatures and winds, by using a heavy lip treatment to prevent cracking and drying"

Our Daily-recommended regimen: Ormedic Balancing Cleanser Hydrating SPF 30 Moisturizer Ormedic Balancing Lip Treatment For those with overly dry skin use: Vital C Cleanser instead of the Ormedic Cleanser

Image Skincare
Image Skincare

Want more information about how to treat your skin? Call 804.355.9317 or book online for a Skin Consultation or a Custom Facial today with Kat! She is absolutely amazing!

Style Icons: Megan

Music is a great a source of inspiration for me.  I love musicians because they really aren’t afraid to take risks, and bring a sense of showmanship to everything they do… including how they dress!  I chose St. Vincent as my style icon because I love  her minimalistic and edgy styling, as well as her bold hair and makeup choices.

Annie Clark is classically beautiful, but she isn’t afraid to test that beauty with unconventional looks.  I love her big hair and bright blue eyeshadow!

She really exhibits a soft coolness, and she’s stylish and on point, without trying too hard.

  My second style icon is Mia Farrow.  She is another natural beauty that made being gorgeous seem effortless.

Pixie cut and freckles.  Feminine and understated.


Mia would be just as cool today as she was forty some years ago.

Arrojo Wave Mist

There’s a new Arrojo product that you may have noticed on our shelves-- Arrojo Wave Mist is here, on the bottom shelf of our product display in uber-cool flashy, psychedelic packaging.

Wave mist is Arrojo’s answer to sea salt spray; it’s a matte texturizing spray that can be misted onto damp hair and air dried or diffused in to create a tousled, beachy look. Talking about sea salt and the beach is evocative of summertime, definitely, but sea salt spray can provide grungy texture + separation that is timely year round. People with straighter hair textures can use sea salt spray blowdried-in to provide some grit, allowing for extra volume, definition and hold on hair that’s normally slippery. People with wavy texture can use it to enhance their wave and add some definition, volume, and depth. Sea salt spray can also temporarily negate some of the greasy effects of an overly oily scalp.

My blonde is by Jaye Edwards @_edwardsandco

Ask your stylist how you can use sea salt spray!

5 Holiday and Bridal Updos for Fall

Whether you're going to a special event or haven't come across the perfect bridal updo for your big day yet, looking at as many images of upstyles as is humanly possible is the only surefire way to figure out just what you want. So here are some for fall!

I absolutely adore this twist embellished with oversized pearls. The unusual proportion of the pearls adds some fun to an otherwise beautiful and elegant look, and emphasizes dainty features. (Notice how beautiful her highlights look in this updo! Consider getting some highlights before your special day to add some extra dimension into your style.)

A sleek side bun is an extremely versatile and popular look that can be worn with or without a part, oversized or proportional, and with or without texture.

Middle parts are still super chic, and a great way to elevate your look into the realm of couture.

The flower petal embellishments in this super textured updo give it a whimsical, fairylike feel.

And, of course, it wouldn't be an updo post in 2014 without a generous helping of braids. This updo piles braids on braids on braids, giving it really interesting dimension (again with the highlights enhancing the dimension!!)

Introducing Eufora

We’ve recently introduced a new line of products into our retail and backbar repertoire that we’re extremely excited about, and we’d like to invite everybody to help us celebrate and welcome Eufora to Circle Square Salon. It was a really hard decision, but one that was very important for us. We’ve spent the last year thinking very hard about good, quality products that are healthy for our clients and good for our earth, and we’ve been constantly trying out candidates. There are millions upon millions of really solid brands putting out useful and unique products, and it’s our job as hairdressers to use our expertise to navigate the product realm and pick a line that we can put our professional stamp of approval on. We’ve learned a lot about some really great companies, but we’ve pulled through the experience with 100% confidence that Eufora is the best fit for our space and for the Circle Square client.

There are a lot of things that are unique to Eufora. One of the notable qualities of the brand is the absence of water in its products. Water is generally up at the top of the ingredients list in hair products, since it’s a universal solvent and a convenient substance for all the active ingredients to kind of float around in until they’re ready to be delivered to your hair. In its stead, Eufora has cleverly supplemented organic, cold-pressed, pharmaceutical grade aloe vera gel. Aloe is great for your skin, your scalp, and your hair, it’s naturally antiviral, antibacterial, and antifungal, and it acts as a natural preservative, allowing Eufora to pass on the chemical preservatives found in most lines. It’s ingredient ingenuity like this that makes a line worth carrying in our salon. Eufora products are divided into different lines-- called “promises”-- that help solve different problems in your hair. The “promises” are Nourish, hydrating products, Curl’n’, which enhance natural curl and encourage body, Volume, which plumps the hair up, Thickening, which helps encourage hair follicles in thinning haired people to stay active, and Smooth’n’, which smooths frizz. All the different lines are color-coded, so it’s really easy to pick out the product right for you.

Stop by and check Eufora out! There's a lot of literature available in the salon about the different Promises and what they can do for your hair, as well as your helpful stylist on hand to recommend and advise.

American Wave, The Beach Wave Revolution

Most people don’t really want perms anymore. The word “perm” is enough to bring back a pretty vivid and gruesome sensory memory. The smell of a perm is not one easily forgotten, and the desire to forget it is reason enough to avoid perms altogether. Of course, the voluminous ringlets that a perm produces have also become dated, to say the very least, evoking images of Napoleon Dynamite-esque puffy-sleeved prom hair or cheek-squeezing aunties.

That isn’t to say that there isn’t a niche for a texturizing treatment in 2014. People with really straight, slick hair experience infinite frustration when attempting to recreate the beach style waves ubiquitous in today’s fashion rag.  Even the curly-haired among us struggle with texture, with irregularities throughout the head (i.e. curly in one spot, straighter in another). Flat or fine-haired people often feel that a perm is the answer to their struggle for volume, but will more often than not leave a perm experience feeling that their stylistic goals are unfulfilled and their hair is fried and frizzy.

Beach wave american wave
Beach wave american wave

Enter our friends at Arrojo, the New York City texture experts, that brought us house favorites like Texture Paste and Styling Whip. They’ve concocted a texturizing treatment called the American Wave, which is similar to a perm in that it makes straighter hair curlier, but in all other ways it’s pretty much a different ball game. It’s like an anti-perm. For one, it’s a perm with an expiration date; it lasts, at most, 4-6 months. And unlike a traditional perm, there’s no haircolor ultimatum prior to your curly transformation: you can color your hair (as long as you’re not massively bleaching it) AND get the treatment without the risk of totally frying it. The treatment isn’t completely scent-free, but it’s not nearly as stinky, and, much to the relief of sensitive salon-goers everywhere, the people at Arrojo were discerning enough to perfume it with a little bit of a eucalyptus fragrance.

Beach wave american wave
Beach wave american wave
Beach wave american wave
Beach wave american wave

If you think you might be interested in this service, you should call us and book a complimentary consultation with our stylist Elizabeth.

Guide To Fall 2014 Hair Trends

Outside the salon, following a brief breezy, unseasonably nice interlude, Richmond's humid, sticky summertime scene is laying it down for us as unpleasantly as it has been all summer (if not with even more brutality). We're not big fans of the wintertime drab, don't get me wrong, but this Summertime Stickiness Part Deux has got us thinking about the cooler times ahead.

Fall is a great time to change up your hair routine, whether that be in a big way or a small way. Less humidity makes for a much more experimentation-friendly hair environment, with less frizz and sweat around to undo your 'do, and less sun, chlorine, and salt water fading your color out.

Here's our definitive guide to fall 2014 hair trends.

1. Smoother, Softer, and Straighter

2014's special brand of "smooth and straight" isn't the flat-ironed, pin straight sticks of yesteryear, it's more like undone and soft, but smoothed, a little sleeked out and straight. That's a style that's easy for the naturally straight haired among us to achieve with minimal product, heat and effort, and even for those with naturally loose waves, sleek is possible. Undone, grungy, and messy is hanging on for at least another season, so there's a little wiggle room for those with textured tresses. And with the advent of lower humidity in the environment, there's little to fear in the realm of frizz. The underlying theme this season is middle part and minimal bang, which is a really easy look.

2. Darker or Cooler

fall trends 2014 dark red hair
fall trends 2014 dark red hair
Dark brown ombre fall 2014 hair trends
Dark brown ombre fall 2014 hair trends
dark cool violet red hair trends fall 2014
dark cool violet red hair trends fall 2014

Adding a lowlight or considering a cooler version of your normal hair color is a good idea for the fall and winter. Darker and cooler colors make sense for reasons other than being a seasonal look concept; drier conditions in the latter part of the year makes stretching the time between shampoos out a real possibility, allowing for less opportunity of color-stripping by cleansers in shampoos. Less washing means less fading, and that's a situation that darks and cools thrive in.

3. Medium Length Haircuts

medium length haircut fall 2014 hair trend
medium length haircut fall 2014 hair trend
medium length haircut fall 2014 hair trend
medium length haircut fall 2014 hair trend
medium length haircut fall 2014 hair trend
medium length haircut fall 2014 hair trend

The (rather unfortunately named) Lob is still trending and cute and fabulous. Most of their fabulousness is due to their versatility-- with a longer bob, it's possible to pull off bob looks AND miniature versions of long looks. The middle part trend looks cool on a long bob, but maybe not a short bob. But when you put it behind your ears, it still has the potential to look kind of cute and boyish. Whenever coats get involved on colder days, the heavy neckline of a jacket can emphasize the line of your lob's perimeter. It's a cool transitional haircut! We're all about 'em for fall.

Summer 2014 Photo Shoot

We received the photos from our photo shoot last Sunday, orchestrated by the beautiful and talented Merry, and couldn't be more proud of the results. Thank you so much to everyone for participating in this lookbook with us! We can't wait for more exciting opportunities to show off our skills in the future.

Remy from our Summer 2014 photo shoot, getting her makeup and hair touched up one last time
Remy from our Summer 2014 photo shoot, getting her makeup and hair touched up one last time

More sneak peeks and behind-the-scenes pictures can be found here.

Merry prepares Sue for her moment in the spotlight
Merry prepares Sue for her moment in the spotlight

The Bang of the Future!!

This choppy black microbang is super goth-luxe!!

If you're looking for a way to infuse a subtle punk edge to your hairstyle, microbangs are probably your answer. They're super versatile, whether your preference is textured and chunky or really, really straight and manicured, and they can achieve a cool balance anywhere in between Amelie and Yolandi Visser.

Yolandi's super extreme microbangs, undercut, and... mullet thing aren't for the faint of heart!

Just how short to go is an important consideration with these bangs, as they range anywhere from a finger width above the eyebrow to completely forehead-bearing. This depends a lot on the size of your forehead, how comfortable you are with it, and the look you're trying to achieve. Talk to your stylist about this, or your friends, or hold your bangs up in the mirror to simulate different potential effects for yourself.

Grime’s undercut intensifies the effect of her microbang.

Chanel has incorporated the super choppy microbang + microbob concept several times in the past few seasons.

She’s so much younger than me and so much cooler! Feel the same way? Maybe a sweet microbang like hers will help ease our pain.

Winter Looks: Freja's Black-On-Black

Winter is almost over... almost. There's still enough left to be justifiably grumpy. Let the world know you're angsty about it by channelling Freja's very cool, but also very apathetic black-on-black punk-chic look.

Danish model Freja Beha Erichsen is the epitome of cool. From her androgynous looks and figure to her shaggy hairstyle and cool tattoos, she’s possibly the last living incarnation of rock and roll.

An important element of Freja’s chic is her usage of neutrals (read: black-on-black). Freja doesn’t even MATCH her blacks. Her black tshirts look like they have been washed on the wrong cycle and sometimes even hint at wrinkliness, and it only amplifies the effectiveness of her grunge.

The moto-jacket moto-boot etc. trend was basically a homage to Freja, whose deerlegged boyish frame is ideal for “chunky” garments like big boots and a big jacket; loose, oversized tops and muscle t-shirts with skin-tight leggings.

Hair Trend: Unwashed

Dirty hair at Thakoon

It’s only been 2014 for a little over two weeks, but there are some trends that, because we have kept an eye on their momentum over the past few months, we can be absolutely sure are sticking around and maybe even moving further into the limelight for 2014.

Mary Kate Olsen, Queen of the slouch, pioneer of dirty hair movement

The slouchier styles that have been becoming increasingly important in fall/winter 2013/4 (i.e. cuddly cardigans, drop-crotch harems/joggers/jumpsuits/everything, sweatshirts, and drop-waisted lazy babydoll dresses) have led hair down a similarly grungy path. Dirty hair is the way to go, in a way that it hasn’t really been since the seventies.

Keeping pastel hair dirty moves it from the unicorn category into the rogue cyberpunk category

Peter Som

Besides boosting your slouch to the next level, dirty hair is a lot easier. And not just because you don’t have to wash it (even though that is a cool advantage). The natural oils that your scalp produces can help your hair be a lot more style-able, providing some natural separation and making your hair more suggestable.

Arrojo ReFINISH Dry Shampoo (available at Circle Square)

For the yucky things that your natural hair oils will do (i.e. flatness + “greasiness”), there is always dry shampoo. A few sprays of a dry shampoo like Arrojo ReFINISH Dry Shampoo at your root area when your hair starts feeling TOO dirty will boost your root, solving the flatness issue, and mattify the unappealing shiny greasiness. Arrojo’s ReFINISH also starches up your hair in a way that intensifies the gathering, separating quality of dirty hair.

Healthy Hair Look Award: a low pony eases breakage-causing tension on your hair, and avoiding shampooing can help ease damage by keeping the hair lubricated with its own natural oils.

Once you have the grease under control, try pulling your hair into a ponytail or making a crown of milkmaid braids, both looks that complement dirty hair well. (Putting your hair up with dirty hair is easier in a way because clean hair has the tendency to jump right out of a braid.) Some flat iron curls or your own natural wave with a sea salt spray can also bring your look to perfection in a surf-ier kind of beachy way.

You can intensify the effect of slouch hair with color looks like baliage that reveal some dark roots, which together make a supercool kind of can’t-be-bothered-chic statement.


Olivia chose two heavily-contrasting ladies as her style icons, but they definitely make sense when compared against her juxtaposition of rock-and-roll edginess and doe-eyed forever 21 cutesiness.

Zooey Deschanel.

I love her vintage-inspired cute quirkiness! She’s a funny girl and she dresses with both style and her sense of humor.  Her nautical-themed little girl look frequently features bows, big buttons, peter pan collars, belts, dark-colored tights, and headbands. She looks quite at home in a-lines and babydoll dresses.

She’s the kind of girl that you can easily imagine riding a bike with a dainty basket on the front, probably filled with flowers or baked goods or something from the farmer’s market.

Her hair always looks soft and luscious, and her face was made for bangs.

Kat Von D.

I’m girly at heart, but there’s also an edgy side of me! Kat Von D is my edgier icon. She always looks effortless and grungy. She typically wears something ripped up or destroyed with super tall heels and an ever-present bikini top. She wears a lot of bold accessories: necklaces, gauges, and bangles. Her hair is usually messy: she’ll wear it in a loose messy bun and it will still look purposeful and pleasantly textured. She’s got kind of a dark look that can seem weird to people, but she’s a very interesting person and has a cool outlook on life and work. The esteem she holds for her clients inspires my work-style.

Brazilian Blowout Split End Repair

The legendary Brazilian Blowout has added yet another revolutionary new product to their already impressive hair treatment repertoire: Split End Repair.

This quick treatment works by creating a net of keratin that wraps around the frayed ends of split, damaged, or overprocessed hair and kind of glues the fibers together, keeping them sealed and healthy looking for about four weeks.

This treatment is perfect for people with over processed hair that they don't want to chop off just yet, for people with extremely long hair with some breakage, or for people with dry ends due to the aggressively bleached ends due to ombre.

Book this treatment today with your next haircut!

Style Icons: Drew

Dita Von Teese.

She’s very clean and pulled together. She never has a hair out of place, and I love the bold lip. She’s not afraid to SHOW HER CURVES (I insist that you read this in your sassiest voice). She’s a lady with sass and I love it!

Paula Deen.

I don’t have any idea what she wears, but she’s always got the cleanest, most age appropriate hair and makeup.

Cee Lo Green.

He’s so rambunctious! He’s always wearing something crazy and he always has such fun sunglasses on. I love the fun glasses.