Circle Square is a community-focused salon, barbershop, and spa for people who want their personal vision of style and wellness to matter.

Circle Square is a bright and airy environment where we listen intently and use our expertise to turn your ideas into reality. We’ve learned from our years behind the chair that most people know a lot about their own hair and skin – even when they don’t know how to put it into words. That’s why every appointment starts with an in-depth consultation to help us understand where you are coming from and where you want to go.

We offer hair services for men, women, and children, as well as skin care and waxing at our spa. Check out a full list of service options here.


Our Philosophy

At Circle Square, our approach to style is different: We want you to come as you are.

We’re not here to encourage you to try to look like a supermodel or celebrity—the world is already too full of instructions for how to look like someone else. We won’t dictate how you should wear your hair (though we will gladly share our opinions, if you ask). Our job is to help you define “looking good” on your own terms and give you the tools, techniques and information you need to get there.


A message from the founder

I believe that deep down everyone feels the way I feel: We all hate being implicitly told that we won’t look good if we don't conform, or that we look good today but it won't last, or that we COULD look good if only we would try harder or spend more time at the gym or buy the right product or... are you bored yet? I know I am. I want everyone to feel free to experiment, try new things, or simply stay in their comfort zone. I want every boy and girl to be themselves and to find their own truth in self-expression. In creating Circle Square, I sought out a group of passionate, like-minded people who want to work every day, from a place of open-mindedness and respect, to redefine “looking good.” Because fashion should be fun, and if we do it right, it has the power to set us free. — Jess Avalon


Product lines


We value simple, uncomplicated products that are easy to use and understand. The brands we’ve chosen to partner with reflect these priorities, and share our commitment to thoughtful design and ethical business practices. 


Jess Avalon

Master Stylist, Barber, Owner

Jess loves humans, coffee, and her job. She is a consummate mama-bear and she is always in your corner. Jess is a problem solver, a hair engineer and a good listener. She is very keen on personal expression and clean, elegant design.

Specialties: Cut and color (especially grey coverage)

Availability: Wednesday–Saturday


Elizabeth Duke

Senior Stylist

Elizabeth is a realist who brings serious focus and dedication to her work. When she is in the middle of a project, the rest of the world disappears. Her style is classic and timeless and her dry sense of humor is like a ninja – stealthy and masterful.

Specialties: Natural-looking color, men's grooming, precision cuts, retexturing

Availability: Tuesday-Saturday




Trish really cares about making you feel comfortable in her chair. You'll be so captivated talking to her about the best shows on Netflix, that you won't even realize she just gave you the most perfect 'do. She is also the coolest vintage-loving, cat lady you'll ever meet.

Specialties: Men's grooming, color, formal styling

Availability: Sunday, Monday, Wednesday, Thursday


Erykah Nikole

Stylist, Esthetician

Erykah is a forthright rockabilly gal with a bold personality and a strong sense of self. She is always in an upbeat mood, and she is incredibly thorough and professional. She is also the best wax technician we have met. Ever.

Specialties: Color, fashion shades, skin care, waxing

Availability: Monday-Wednesday, Saturday


Colleen Nolan


Colleen is our little salon fairy who keeps everything running smoothly. If you can catch her be sure to say hello - she'll definitely make you smile.

Circle Square Stylist Gayle.jpg


Independent Stylist

Gayle is an independent stylist and Richmond native who got her start in the 60′s working with her mother, Frankie. Today, Gayle is a fixture on Robinson Street. You’ll find her chatting with clients at Circle Square, catching up with friends, or reminiscing about the good ol' days with fuzzy buddy Chico.

Gayle is not currently taking new clients.


Merry White

Master Stylist

Merry is the real deal: crazy talented, laid-back, and effortlessly cool. If she wasn’t also the nicest person ever, we might be a little intimidated. She has a calm demeanor but she is a powerhouse behind the chair and her signature style is oh-so-Richmond.

Specialties: Razor cutting, curly hair, balayage, perfectly un-done styles

Availability: Monday–Friday


Olivia clarke

Senior Stylist

Olivia has the soul of an artist and the style of the cool girl from your high school photography class. She has a knack for fresh looks and a love of unusual aquatic animals. Her flair for creative work can’t be taught and we can’t wait to see what she does next.

Specialties: Color, balayage, creative work, formal styling, curly hair

Availability: Wednesday-Saturday


Krystal Synkula


With a quiet demeanor and focus on fashion, Krystal is a Richmond transplant from Wisconsin. She is an experienced stylist with strength in color projects and men’s grooming, and is always up to learn new tricks and techniques.

Specialties: Men's grooming, color (especially blondes), formal styling

Availability: Thursday-Monday


Charley Soderbergh


Charley is new to Richmond and he brings nearly 30 years of experience to the chair. Diversity is his middle name, and he enjoys everything from barbering to vintage hair-do’s. He is warm and calm and chances are you’ll feel like you’ve met before.

Specialties: Traditional foiling, men’s grooming, color and halos of shine

Availability: Friday-Tuesday


Kandis Lukhard


Time with Kandis means two things for sure- good conversation and a lot of laughter. She has a keen interest in the science behind hair color and is eager to learn everything there is to know.


drew connolly

Master Stylist

We are all so smitten with Drew’s fun-loving charm it is hard to put it into words. If we didn’t see her every day at work, we’d book her for haircuts just to spend time with her. Drew has a Midas touch when it comes to hair; she is caring and honest, yet always humble.

Specialties: Long hair, formal styling and updos, ombre/balayage, bangs

Availability: Wednesday-Saturday


Mae Stewart

Senior Stylist

Spend ten minutes with Mae and you will feel like the two of you have been friends forever. She has a patient, easy-going chairside manner, a fun sense of humor and she knows what she is doing. She also really, really wants you to love your hair.

Specialties: Color (especially blondes), men’s grooming, updos

Availability: Wednesday–Sunday



Stylist, Makeup Artist

Sam is talented, considerate, and oh so easy to be with. He is so charming and genuine you’ll be glad you sat in his chair, and by the time you’re done, you will look and feel amazing.

Specialties: creative color, short hair, special occasion styling, makeup

Availability: Wednesday-Saturday


Rachel Gierlach

Junior Stylist, Photographer

You will recognize Rachel because she is tall, beautiful and wearing a killer outfit. She is also super sweet and genuine, and if you get the chance to talk to her, she is kind of hilarious.

Specialties: Long-layered cuts, balayage highlights, razor cutting

Availability: Tuesday, Thursday-Saturday


Heather Lewis

Salon Manager

We are the luckiest people in the world to have Heather as our salon manager, because it is like she has a PhD in happiness. She will treat you like royalty, and do 10 other things at the same time without ever breaking a sweat.



We love what we do, and we don’t think there is any better place to do it than right here at Circle Square. We try every day to empower each other to do the best work we can and to be the best possible versions of ourselves for each other, for our clients and for our community.

If you are looking for a job and think maybe you belong with us, drop in and say hello. We can always make room for the right person.